Ludus is primed to initiate and evaluate corporate and government programs ranging from security to emergency and business continuity planning.

Our company’s expertise in pre-evaluation and risk assessment services deliver multi-layered protection plans that identify and mitigate specific or non-specific (real or perceived) threats from a wide variety of possible scenarios.

Should a system require modification, Ludus will provide support and resources in implementing those improvements as requested and required by the client.

Temperance and fortitude are the foundation of our services and training. Our cadre is taught to function as an integrated professional team where operational efficiency and flexibility are a part of our organisation's culture.  To achieve such a capability Ludus applies world’s best practice to its threat and risk management development and delivery models.


Ludus can further assist with critical asset identification and the formulation of a detailed critical incident response plan which will ensure immediate access to vital information and emergency response personnel. This helps mitigate the risk to staff and also sensitive and critical business points to ensure continuity across all organisational operations.

Our company’s critical incident response plans are multi-faceted and will ensure that they operate cohesively with existing emergency, security and safety plans.



Ludus personnel are highly trained and experienced and able to address physical security concerns whenever and wherever they may arise.

Ludus can formulate and execute extensive protection plans that encompass enterprise level or individual security needs within budgetary restraints.

Our highly professional staff are able to dynamically facilitate a multi-tiered response to whatever threat arises to your company or personnel.

Our management and operational staff can supply immediate and detailed recommendations as to what direct actions should be taken to reduce our client’s exposure to risk. Our companies extensive expertise in dealing with these matters on a global level will help mitigate and neutralise these threats towards your organisation, assets and personnel.

Ludus is a signatory of the International Code of Conduct
for Private Security Service Providers.