Ludus personnel are experienced in program development and project management. Varied experience across numerous continents enable us to provide you unique and tailored solutions to your problems.


Ludus operates seamlessly between both the Australian and US markets. As such we are strategically positioned to provide assistance and guidance to both government and commercial sectors that look to collaborate as the operational ties between these two regions strengthen.

Intellectual Property Protection

By focusing on the vulnerabilities of human-sourced information access as a primary threat to intellectual property integrity Ludus is bringing a niche capability to market. By assisting organisations in assessing and understanding the inherent risks of malicious information collection Ludus is now positioned to provide a new level of risk mitigation and investigative services.

Field Testing

In conjunction with our US counterpart VRG we have a proprietary and comprehensive capability to provide Field-Testing and Evaluation Services to Soldier Systems and related technologies.


Ludus has expanded its security consultancy to provide licensed security services within Australia. Not intending to compete with long established domestic security providers, Ludus seeks to supplement current services by providing teams of highly trained and experienced security professionals to provide physical security and intelligence services based on niche and surge requirements. These teams will be able to work autonomously and also reinforce pre-established, broad-based infrastructures.

Logistic Support

Ludus has the ability to provide remote-site logistics and security services to field operations throughout Australia. We are growing this capability by introducing new technologies to enhance operational effectiveness in remote areas such as introducing self contained 'water from air' atmospheric water generators.


Across all of our services we actively engage in supporting and employing Contemporary Veterans of Australian and allied countries' defence forces.