Bronson Horan (Director)

Bronson Horan has been a commissioned officer in both the United States and Australian Army for over 15 years. He initially served with the US Army 10th Mountain Division and then 1st Special Forces Groups. Later he gained a commission in the Australian Army where Bronson served five years as a Commando Officer in the 1st Commando Regiment. Bronson has been on active service in both armies in places such as Bosnia, Sinai, Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bronson now resides in Adelaide, Australia where he lives with his wife and three young boys. He was medically discharged from the Australian Army in July 2012 due to his wounding in Afghanistan. Bronson is currently the Managing Director for Ludus Training International (LTI). Ludus specialises in, Security Risk Management, Explosive Services and Job Employment Support Services for Veterans.

Wounded Ambassador for Soldier On

President of the Adelaide Sub-Branch of the RSL

Member of the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Research Ethics Committee

Member of the Australian Defence Force Human Research Ethics Committee

Member of the Veterans Advisory Council



Working in tandem to support the veteran community and our clients, Ludus bridges these efforts by recruiting and employing operational talent from within the contemporary veteran community to transition their skills into the civilian marketplace through the application of our greater service platform.

Ludus operates through a strategic network of risk management professionals and partnerships that allow our company to apply local expertise and real time, on the ground knowledge to our domestic and international operations. The selection principles applied by Ludus for this professional alliance is extremely rigorous thus ensuringdelivery of top to bottom solutions to an organisation's risk management and training needs.


We are seeking talented, ethical professionals to join our team.

We are currently recruiting for positions within the following skill sets nation-wide:

  • Training and Assessment

  • Risk Management and Security (Operational and  IT)

  • Work Health and Safety

  • Intelligence and Investigations

  • Logistics

  • Community Engagement

Qualified candidates must have 3-5 years practical experience within the the last 10 calendar years. The appropriate educational & professional qualifications are required within each vocation.

All candidates must be willing to undergo a rigorous background check as a condition of employment. A background in government and an active security clearance is beneficial.

If you are interested in working for Ludus please enter your details in the form below and we will contact you accordingly.

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