Intelligence Support

Ludus takes a holistic approach to the production of intelligence and the importance it has in driving, planning, strategy and information protection.

We enhance organic capability by providing independent advice & support to develop realistic information collection plans, strategies to validate and fuse raw data while utilising intelligence-lead principles.

We focus our support on the four key elements of the intelligence cycle:

  1. Direction
  2. Collection
  3. Processing
  4. Dissemination

Our intelligence and investigation services are designed to protect information and reputation while increasing competitive awareness and mitigating unconventional risks.

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Social engineering

“It is much easier to trick someone into giving a password for a system than to spend the effort to crack into the system” Kevin Mitnick, infamous cybercriminal turned international security consultant.

Modern industry is going through a cultural change which places a greater value on access to information, matching and even overtaking the current emphasis on privacy or data protection. Organisations typically focus on protecting themselves against cyber-based attacks. However, it is more often the person and their access to information, not the computer, which is the weakest and most exploitable link.

Ludus brings a unique and relevant approach to information security by focusing on human vulnerabilities along side the technological in order to provide a level of information protection otherwise unavailable in the modern marketplace.