Hero 2 Hired

Our Hero 2 Hired program is run by veterans for veterans. We provide a friendly and understanding workplace that assists in helping veterans affected by their service to transition back into the work force.

We work directly with rehabilitation consultants to provide a program tailored to the individual needs of the veteran. During the program we identify employment opportunities with understanding employers to assist the veteran transition into a suitable role.

For the Veteran:

We work with you to give you valuable experience and exposure to the civilian workforce.

The program is run over 6 months with an initial 4 week placement in a live business. You will gain essential skills while completing real time tasks tailored to your individual needs.

Our end goal is that upon completion of your placement, you will have gained invaluable experience and exposure working within a civilian workplace.

With the help of Ludus we will continue to closely mentor you as you move forward to achieve your employment goals outside of the defence force.

For further details please contact Ludus on 08 7324 5578.