At Ludus we appreciate the role of business in society. We strive to make a positive impact in order to support the men and women of Australia that helps make our country what it is. we do this by supporting and  encouraging integration and inclusion at every level of our society.

"Ludus as an organisation embodies the tenants of social entrepreneurism." John Bale, CEO - Soldier On


We work hard to support Soldier On by providing a route for our wounded soldiers to gain worthwhile training and employment through our E3 Program. We also worked with Soldier On to provide project development & management services for their Pilot Reintegration Shop Front in South Australia. This project was a first of its kind in Australia and has paved the way for a national scale service delivery capability for Soldier On.


POS REP is a revolutionary social media application that helps to minimise the threat of isolation throughout the military to civilian reintegration. Ludus is actively working with POS REP to bring this technology to market in Australia under the banner of LOC STAT. LOC STAT can help save lives by allowing Australian veterans a whole new platform for peer-to-peer support and access to veteran-support services.


Ludus identified a need in the Australian veteran community: defence veterans need to be empowered to continue to give back to their community when they reintegrate back into civilian society by doing good works. We identified a solution in Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon Global is working to establish their highly successful model of Disaster Response and Veteran Reintegration from the United States into Australia, The United Kingdom and  Norway. Ludus personnel are donating their time in order to work with Team Rubicon by leading the effort to establish Team Rubicon Australia.